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Have Audio Summer Sale – Up To 65% off

Have Audio develop unique Kontakt instruments for modern film composers, musicians, producers, and sound designers that are looking for fresh new sounds and textures. Enjoy up to 65% off their incredible range in our Summer sale!
Expires July 21, 2024

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MNTRA Summer Sale – Up To 60% off

Explore new realms of musical composition and sound design. Created for real-world demands by their passionate team, MNTRA instruments are built on extensive experience in interactive audio and decades of collecting rare instruments and sounds from across the globe. Discover some truly unique instruments now with up to 60% on our Summer sale!
Expired July 13, 2024

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Kuassa EFEKTOR Echolyte Intro Sale – 48% off

Adding more into the EFEKTOR series, Kuassa brings you EFEKTOR Echolyte, an echo/delay plugin developed to infuse your tracks with the vintage warmth and character of classic BBD (bucket brigade delay) units, known for its hazy, dark, and warm repeats. Save 48% in our intro sale!
Expired July 12, 2024

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Plugin Boutique Scaler EQ Summer Sale (Exclusive) – 23% off

Following on from the award-winning Scaler music theory plugin, Scaler EQ offers a remarkable new way to EQ with musicality and colour. Save 23% in our exclusive sale!
Expired July 13, 2024

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Heavyocity Summer Sale – Up To 75% off

Save up to 75% off Heavyocity's vast collection of modern scoring tools, effects, Kontakt instruments and Reaktor ensembles. Prices start from £12.95 / $14.50 for a limited time only.
Expired July 12, 2024

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Karanyi Sounds July Sale – Up To 82% off

Save up to 82% on an incredible selection of Karanyi Sounds finest cinematic instruments and effects including Midnite, Matra, Vapor Keys and more in our July sale!
Expires July 31, 2024

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MAAT SantaCruzEQ Family Sale (Exclusive) – Up To 26% off

The SantaCruzEQ features beautiful analog architectures that will ramp up your reputation! Save 25% off both versions for a limited time only in our exclusive Family sale!
Expires July 31, 2024

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Cherry Audio Octave Cat 1 Year Anniversary Sale – 20% off

Cherry Audio’s Octave Cat synthesizer emulates The CAT duophonic synthesizer unleashed by Octave Electronics in 1976. Developed in partnership with The CAT’s original designer, Octave Cat retains all the growl of the original hardware’s fat, savage sound and replicates its aggressive resonant filter. Save 20% in our 1 Year Anniversary sale!
Expires July 31, 2024

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u-he Diva + FREE Expansion Sale (Exclusive) – 10% off

For a limited time only, purchase Diva, the classic virtual analogue synthesiser, save 10% and get a FREE copy of Ambient Depths presets, exclusively in our sale!
Expires July 31, 2024