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Creative Intent Black Friday Sale – up to 52% Off

Both of these plugins apply so much creativity and manipulation to an audio waveform. Save 50% off each along with the bundle for a limited time only.
Expires December 13, 2020

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SongWish reMIDI Sale (Exclusive) – 50% Off

reMIDI provides harmonies and melodies that are proven to work, enabling you to sample the royalty-free compositions of past greats (Bach, Chopin, Gershwin, etc). Save 50% off with this exclusive offer and get a free update to reMIDI 2 upon release.
Expires December 6, 2020

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Rob Papen Limited Edition Bundles & Uprades Sale – Up To 86% off

Enhance your production toolset with these limited edition Rob Papen bundles, including the Sound Design-X Bundle, EDM-X Bundle and Urban-X Bundle. Save up to 86% off for a limited time only, with upgrades starting from ᆪ41.95 / $49!
Expires January 1, 2021

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Tronsonic Kontakt Instruments Black Friday Sale (Exclusive) – up to 80% Off

Inspired by the sound of recordings made with old tape, Tronsonic creates unique Kontakt Instruments recorded using mainly 1960’s 197-‘s analogue equipment. Save 80% for a very limited time only.
Expires December 6, 2020

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SoundSpot Mastering 5 for 5 Bundle Sale – 99% Off

Get 5 SoundSpot mastering plugins for only £5 / €5 / $5 in the SoundSpot 5 for 5 sale! Available for a limited time only.
Expires January 3, 2021

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Reason Studios Black Friday Sale – 30% Off

Make Music the Way You Want: Now available as a plugin rack in your DAW or as a fast and flexible music production tool, Reason Suite is ready for your music-making! Save up to 30% in our Black Friday Sale.
Expires November 30, 2020

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iZotope Nectar Elements Sale – 77% Off

Give your vocals professional clarity and polish with Nectar Elements, now only £25 / $29.
Expires December 8, 2020

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Tone Empire Sale – up to 61% Off

Save up to 60% off the entire Tone Empire range of “Hardware Quality” processors. Including the brand new Model 5000 and OptoRED.
Expires December 6, 2020

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AAS Chromaphone 3 Introductory Sale – Up To 50% off

Chromaphone 3 is a two-voice synthesizer based on eight physically modelled acoustic resonators, providing a delightful mixture of real-life presence and distinctive timbres. Save 50% off in the introductory sale.
Expired November 21, 2020

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