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Cherry Audio Memorymode Introductory Sale – 33% Off

July 16, 2021
Memorymode is based upon one of the very best-sounding polyphonic programmable analog synthesizers of the 80s – the legendary Memorymoog synthesizer. Buy now for only £29.95 / $39. The sale is available at Plugin Boutique, ends August 31, 2021.

Signum Audio BUTE Loudness Normaliser Sale (Exclusive) – 70% Off

July 16, 2021
The BUTE Normaliser is a high-end standalone application for Windows and Mac, assisting post-production engineers with the final checks of the mastering journey. With our automated solution, you can rest assured your audio is on point before submission in just a few clicks. Buy now for £24.95 / $35! The sale is available at Plugin Boutique, […]

Wavesfactory Cassette Sale (Exclusive) – 33% Off

July 16, 2021
Wavesfactory Cassette: An audio plugin that imparts the unique character and sonic imprint of an often maligned recording medium, one that offers a sound like nothing else. Save 30% off for a limited time only. The sale is available at Plugin Boutique, ends August 1, 2021.

70% Off

Boz Digital Labs Big Beautiful Door Sale (Exclusive) – 70% Off

Big Beautiful Door is like no other dynamics processor. It takes a completely fresh approach to EQ and dynamics and packages it in a way that just makes sense. Buy now for £24.95 / $29!
Expired July 23, 2021

20% Off

Caelum Audio Schlap Sale (Exclusive) – 20% Off

If you want your tracks to be energetic, in-your-face and bold, make 'em "Schlap". Schlap is a characterful, colourful and aggressive sounding program-dependent compressor. It takes inspiration from hardware RMS compressors of the past and evolves them into a modern setting. Buy now for £11.95 / $19!
Expires August 1, 2021

33% Off

Loopmasters Bass Master Expansion Pack: Bass and Trap Sale – 33% Off

Bass & Trap is a collection of 50 heavy-duty bass sounds, designed to expand the Bass Master factory soundbank with a fresh reload of samples to create the perfect bass tones for Trap and Bass music genres including Bass House, DnB and dubstep. Save 33% off for a limited time only.
Expires August 1, 2021

up to 93% Off

CloudBounce Summer Sale (Exclusive) – up to 93% Off

CloudBounce is the automated mastering software that brings you lightning-fast music mastering on your desktop. Save at Plugin Boutique with an exclusive offer of up to 95% off, including access to the Lifetime Plan for only £94.95 / $129 (usually $1990).
Expires August 1, 2021

up to 35% Off

AudioThing Plugins Summer Sale – up to 35% Off

Save 35% off all AudioThing hugely creative plugins including Alborosie Dub Station, Springs and Outer Space!
Expires July 31, 2021

50% Off

Have Audio Summer Sale – 50% Off

Save 50% off all Have Audio instruments Kontakt instruments for a limited time only. Prices from £19.95 / $22!
Expires August 26, 2021

30% Off

Soundiron Voice of Wind: Connie Introductory Sale – 30% Off

Voice Of Wind: Connie is the fourth volume in Soundiron's modular female solo vocal series Voices of Wind. Each volume focuses on a new vocalist with a distinct creative style and comes complete with a full package of vital chromatic and melodic articulations.
Expired July 21, 2021

20% Off

Hexachords Orb Producer Suite 2 Sale (Exclusive) – 20% Off

Four plugins powered by AI and one powerful synth in the Orb Producer Suite, including AI-assisted chord, melody, bassline and arpeggio generators. Buy now for only €79 / $95, exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
Expires August 31, 2021

77% Off
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Harrison Consoles AVA Mastering EQ Flash Sale – 77% Off

The AVA Mastering EQ is explicitly designed for the task of mastering your mixes. When 2 adjacent bands of the AVA-ME are adjusted, the resultant curve is “flat” across the band edges, rather than discrete humps and valleys. Buy now for £17.95 / $19!
Expires August 1, 2021

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