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DopeSONIX LoFi Sale (Exclusive) – 51% Off

When DopeSONIX first started the process of making LoFi they asked themselves one question. Why has no one really made a VST instrument dedicated to this type of sound before? Sure, there are plenty of fantastic VST’s with plenty of amazing presets but in reality, you would have to dig through thousands of shiny EDM orientated patches to find the obscure gritty gems. If you looking to create Old School Hip Hop, Chill Hop, Movie Soundtrack, Ambient and Electronica or just need to add some warmth and atmosphere to any track that sounds just too digital, then LoFi is the perfect choice.
Expires May 16, 2021

46% Off

Karanyi Sounds Scoring Toolkit Sale – 46% Off

The Karanyi Sounds Scoring Toolkit features a bespoke collection of acoustic-synthetic hybrid instruments for atmospheric scoring and sound design. Expand your toolset today with the complete scoring collection.
Expires May 31, 2021

45% Off

Loopmasters KHORDS + 2 Free Expansions Sale – 45% Off

KHORDS is a focused instrument that brings sampled personality and classic character to your productions. For a limited time only, save 45% off and get 2 free expansions along with the KHORDS engine for only £59.95 / $69.
Expires May 31, 2021

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United Plugins Autoformer Sale – 45% Off

Some performances are almost perfect. Almost. The desired perfection can be achieved by using Autoformer, a tool that can act almost inaudibly as well as it can add great colour to your tracks. Autoformer combines an analogue like preamp with an automatic volume function and a gentle compressor. It is the right tool for your vocals or voice-overs, whilst also improving the performances of drummers and bass players.
Expires May 16, 2021

48% Off

Karanyi Sounds Analogue Collection Sale – 48% Off

Explore a selection of classic analogue synth sounds inside of Kontakt with three of Karanyi's most popular and groundbreaking instruments. The Karanyi Analogue Collection is exclusive and only available for a limited time.
Expires May 31, 2021

81% Off

Stagecraft Addiction Synth Sale (Exclusive) – 81% Off

Stagecraft's synth is a professional, versatile, subtractive synthesizer. It can be easily made to sound like anything from a sweet, light organ, to a sharp, funky clav. There are multiple voices, velocity sensitivity, mono/polyphonic switching, versatile LFOs and filter, and effects. In short, everything you would expect with any of the most professional synths.
Expires May 31, 2021

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BLEASS Audio Classics Bundle Sale – 45% Off

For a limited time only, pick up four essential classic effects from the BLEASS Audio range in one unique bundle, including Chorus, Reverb, Delay and Shimmer. Buy now for only €35 / $35.
Expires May 16, 2021

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Strix Instruments Introductory Sale (Exclusive) – up to 84% Off

Strix Instruments carefully sample weird and wonderful musical instruments to create playable Kontakt Instruments that will enrich the atmosphere in your compositions. We welcome them to Plugin Boutique with an exclusive offer of up to 85% off, including their brand new rare synthesiser collection EMISYNTH.
Expires June 6, 2021

15% Off

Heavyocity Mosaic Pluck Introductory Sale – 15% Off

Combining analogue synths, organic attack layers and a range of sampled instruments (including plucked strings, harps, processed chimes and thumb pianos) Mosaic pluck delivers all the dynamic plucked sources you'll need to cut through even the densest of score mixes. Buy now for only £79.95 / $99.
Expires May 17, 2021