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Serum Presets Bundle Summer Sale (Exclusive) – 35% Off

Upgrade your copy of Serum across a huge span of genres! Fill up your Serum preset library with 15 of the most popular and well-respected preset packs that we have to offer. On sale now for only £49.95 / $64 exclusively in our summer sale!
Expires August 31, 2022

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Aberrant DSP SketchCassette + Shapeshifter + Digitalis Bundle Summer Sale – 40% off

Introduce colour, intrigue, and personality into your mixes with Aberrant DSP's creative, lo-fi, tape and compressor plugins. Save an extra 40% on the already discounted SketchCassette, Shapeshifter + Digitalis bundle in our summer sale!
Expires August 31, 2022

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Excite Audio Summer Sale (Exclusive) – Up to 28% Off

Excite Audio's Lifeline range features two essential multi-effects: Lifeline Expanse will breathe life into any sound by adding character, space and width. Lifeline Console brings recordings to life with the warmth and charm of analogue audio processing. Buy now with up to 25% off exclusively in our summer sale. Now M1 compatible and shipping with additional presets!
Expires August 31, 2022

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Positive Grid Summer Sale – Up to 55% off

Save 50% off all Positive Grid BIAS products for a limited time only!
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AIR Music Technology Flash Sale – Up to 78% off

Save up to 75% on classic AIR Music Technology products including Hybrid 3, Boom and DB-33.
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Expressive E Summer Sale – 40% Off

Noisy uses acoustic resonance to bring life to both electronic and acoustic sounds. Imagine digs deep inside the body of real-life instruments and modifies their acoustic characteristics to create an imaginary acoustic landscape. Grab these unique synths now individually with 40% off!
Expires August 22, 2022

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MeldaProduction MRhythmizer + iZotope Breaktweaker Bundle Summer Sale (Exclusive) – 87% off

Grab this unmissable bundle and get a unique time manipulation effect in MRhythmizer. and the drum sculpting and beat sequencing environment of BreakTweaker. Available exclusively in our store with an immense 90% off!
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Plugin Boutique Presets Phase Plant Expansions Bundle Summer Sale (Exclusive) – 40% Off

The Phase Plant Expansions Bundle is a collection of 3 unmissable expansions featuring Drum & Bass Phenomenon, Galactic Future Bass and Synthwave Dimensions. Sounds of nostalgia, the current cutting edge and of the future, all in the palm of your hand! Buy now with
Expires August 31, 2022

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iZotope Mix & Master Bundle Sale – Up to 68% off

iZotope's Mix & Master Bundle Advanced will streamline your mixing and mastering into one, fluid, interconnected workflow and with the addition of Neutron 4 you'll have all you need for studio success! Buy or crossgrade now with up to 70% off!
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