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Pigments by Arturia – 50% Off – Only $99 (Normal price $199)

July 11, 2022
For only $99.00 (normally $199.00), get Pigments, a polychrome software synthesizer by Arturia! The sale is available at AudioPlugin.Deals, ends July 18, 2022.

UJAM Summer Madness Sale – up to 75% Off

July 1, 2022
UJAM creative instruments and effects are designed to make music production faster, better and easier. Save up to 75% off their unique and inspiring product range in the summer sale! The sale is available at Plugin Boutique, ends July 17, 2022.

Celemony Melodyne Assistant Summer Sale – 40% Off

June 1, 2022
Your route to Melodyne Assistant! Access the wonders of Melodyne Assistant and save over 25% with this Melodyne Essential and Upgrade to Melodyne Assistant Summer offer. The sale is available at Plugin Boutique, ends June 30, 2022.

80% Off

Orb Plugins Orb Composer Pro S 1.5 Sale (Exclusive) – 80% Off

Orb Composer Pro S 1.5 is a creative smart tool for composers, bands and orchestrators, helping you to experiment with new musical ideas and enhance your creativity. Save an exclusive 80% this summer only with us at Plugin Boutique!
Expires August 31, 2022

Up to 79% off

W.A. Production Ultimate MIDI Summer Sale (Exclusive) – Up to 79% off

Take a shortcut to musical greatness with W.A. Production's intuitive MIDI tools and presets, Save up to 79% on these incredibly useful and timesaving products in our exclusive summer sale!
Expires August 31, 2022

80% Off

Softube Marshall Plexi Summer Sale (Exclusive) – 80% Off

No other amplifier is more vital to the history of rock & roll than the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959. Softube took Marshall’s own museum-piece Plexi (a pristine model from 1967) under extremely careful supervision and modelled each and every component to produce the most textured, detailed software version imaginable. Buy now with an exclusive 80% off, only at our store this summer!
Expires August 31, 2022

40% Off

Expressive E Summer Sale – 40% Off

Noisy uses acoustic resonance to bring life to both electronic and acoustic sounds. Imagine digs deep inside the body of real-life instruments and modifies their acoustic characteristics to create an imaginary acoustic landscape. Grab these unique synths now individually with 40% off!
Expires August 22, 2022

33% Off

Plugin Boutique BigKick+ Bundle Summer Sale (Exclusive) – 33% Off

Craft perfect kick drums for your productions with our very own BigKick kick drum designer. Save up to 33% and get BigKick plus two expansions in this exclusive bundle only available in our summer sale!
Expires August 31, 2022

Up to 50% Off

Softube Volume 5 & Upgrades Sale – Up to 50% Off

Volume 5 is a hand-picked anthology of exceptional sounding tools, a treasure trove of plug-ins available with huge savings over the list prices on the individual components. Buy or upgrade from your previous Volume version with 50% off!
Expires August 31, 2022

30% Off

Vengeance Sound VPS Avenger+ Bundle Sale (Exclusive) – 30% Off

Get VPS Avenger, one of the most powerful synths on the market, bundled with a comprehensive user guide by the experts at Producertech with an exclusive 24% discount in our time-limited sale.
Expired August 18, 2022

50% off

Stagecraft Compressor Summer Sale (Exclusive) – 50% off

The Stagecraft Compressor is built to compete with any full-featured heavyweight compressor on the market but at a fraction of the price. It can also be used for limiting, gating, expanding, vocal shaping, sidechain compression and parallel compression. Buy now with an exclusive 50% in our summer sale!
Expires August 31, 2022

33% Off

Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra+ Bundle Summer Sale (Exclusive) – 33% Off

Carbon Electra has built a reputation for being a powerful and easy-to-program synth, as well as an advanced learning tool. Save 33% and grab Carbon Electra plus an additional 192 sounds in this exclusive bundle and you will never be stuck for ideas.
Expires August 31, 2022

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