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Celemony Melodyne Assistant Summer Sale – 40% Off

June 1, 2022
Your route to Melodyne Assistant! Access the wonders of Melodyne Assistant and save over 25% with this Melodyne Essential and Upgrade to Melodyne Assistant Summer offer. The sale is available at Plugin Boutique, ends June 30, 2022.

Mastering The Mix ANIMATE & LEVELS Sale (Exclusive) – 50% Off

May 20, 2022
ANIMATE helps you inject life into your mixes in a precise, versatile and colourful way. LEVELS includes all you need to get your mix ready for CD, Club, Streaming, and Youtube so your music sounds great wherever it’s heard. Buy now with 50% off each! The sale is available at Plugin Boutique, ends May 30, 2022.

sonible Spring Sale – up to 62% Off

April 11, 2022
Explore new possibilities in the studio with sonible’s groundbreaking plugins. Save up to 62% for a limited time only! (Bundles included). The sale is available at Plugin Boutique, ends May 02, 2022.

Up to 51% Off

Singomakers Plugins Make Music Day Sale (Exclusive) – Up to 51% Off

Singomakers are a team of producers and engineers from across the globe bringing you only the very best up-to-date sounds and software. Save 50% on their range of revered plugins in our exclusive Make Music Day sale!
Expired June 30, 2022

68% Off

Caelum Audio Tremors Sale (Exclusive) – 68% Off

Tremors is a one-shot sample pack for producers who want to shatter their tracks with a powerful and eclectic selection of 808s. Grab this incredible sample pack for only £3.95 / $5 for a limited time only!
Expired June 30, 2022

30% Off

Celemony Melodyne Studio Summer Sale – 30% Off

Your route to Melodyne Studio! Access the wonders of the complete Melodyne and save over 25% with this Melodyne Essential and upgrade to Melodyne Studio limited-time offer.
Expired June 30, 2022

57% Off

Diginoiz Hattricks Make Music Day Sale (Exclusive) – 57% Off

Hattricks is a plugin instrument for trap hi-hat creation that makes the process smooth, easy and streamlined. Buy now for only £19.95 / $29 in our Make Music Day celebration sale!
Expires July 3, 2022


Cinematique Instruments Lute Sale (Exclusive) – 32% Off

This Kontakt instrument features a renaissance lute with 8-course strings - tuned in unison and equipped with nylon strings for a beautiful and understated sound. Buy now with 30% off in our exclusive sale.
Expires July 4, 2022


Sonuscore Ethnic Series Sale (Exclusive) – 25% Off

Sonuscore stands for extensive experience in orchestral music production, high-end sound quality and an innovative approach to perfectly balanced usability. Get 25% off their Ethnic series of high-end scoring instruments exclusively in our sale!
Expired June 30, 2022


Sonuscore Time Textures Intro Sale – 20% Off

Time Textures is a new revolutionary orchestral engine bringing ever-evolving soundscapes to your fingertips. Using advanced algorithmic techniques, orchestral instruments have been given a depth, movement, and beauty that doesn’t readily exist in the natural world. Buy this incredible Kontakt instrument now with 20% off!
Expires July 5, 2022


Acon Digital Equalize Make Music Day Sale (Exclusive) – 30% Off

Save up to 30% off Acon Digital's top-spec parametric equalizer plug-in that combines unique features with excellent workflow and an intuitive user interface.
Expires July 1, 2022

73% Off

iZotope Neutron 4 + NIMBUS Bundle Sale (Exclusive) – 73% Off

Mix smarter and faster with iZotope’s Neutron 4, your complete suite for crafting a professional mix. Combined with the premium reverb NIMBUS you'll be sculpting sounds seamlessly while staying in your flow. Grab this exclusive bundle now for only £138 / $159 off for a limited time only!
Expired June 30, 2022

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